Company Profile

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Mingalar Yadanar Toe Company has made a presence of itself in transporting rocks since 1995 trading in materials to construction projects such as bridge works, road works and development of dams etc. Private quarries were introduced in 2000 where rocks have been cracked down and subsequently offered importation service on a wide variety of projects to departmental as well as private constructions and Yangon-Mandalay eight-tracking highway projects. Besides, we have successfully performed in Pathein-Mon Ywar highway project by the joint effort together with division (16) under Myanmar Ministry of Construction.
While transporting our materials, they are provided to be delivered through several ways like carriages, motor vehicles and Bulk carriers are used for transporting rocks of Mandalay and Htone Pho areas. Recently, granite of various sizes is sustainably supplied to road works by Yangon City Development Council, SCT of each district, Nga Moe Yeik (Parami) Bridge work as well as Myanma Railway. In addition, our port has begun in Motetama where materials can be sent out through liners for Kyaut Phyu deep sea port projects.
Various size of high-quality rocks are put up for sale according to your requirement with reasonable prices offering delivery service to the right places. Volume of 3-inch cemented bricks made of rock particles, as by-products of granite cracking down process, can be available both retail and wholesale.